Monday, 11 May 2015

To the unknown soldier

To the unknown soldier

We did a writing activity about war. We were writing to one of the soldiers who had died at war but we did not know who we were writing to. We had to include paragraphs, short sharp sentences and complex sentences. Here it is.

To the unknown soldier

Last week we remembered you. I wanted to write this letter to you about my thoughts. While I am in my classroom writing this letter, I am thinking about how you would feel. We are all safe and sound from war. Warm and comfortable.

I want to tell you that we all feel very pleased that you went and saved us all. Even though you may be up above us we still feel for you and are sorry that you died at war.
Did you want to go? At any time did you feel you were dying? Your family would have thought about you every day and every second of that day.

I cannot imagine what you felt like when you got sent to war. Where you ever alone? You must have got scared if there were a whole heap of people coming towards you. Was there gunshots and other sounds around you? You must have been very scared as you heard every gun shot go off. It could have hit you at any point in time. After there was a gunshot, did you ever feel that you got shot? We have learnt about about the women who helped the wounded soldiers and if they could not save the men they would sit next to them and give the men company.  

How did you feel when any of your friends got killed? What did it feel like holding a gun for the very first time? You would have been horrified when you had to hold the gun for the first time of your life. I wonder how you felt as you got sent to war and was made to shoot people and try and kill them. Did you get badly injured before you died?

When you went to war, you would have been horrified. How old were you? We learnt that most people who went to war were in their twenties. Also you have had to be fairly fit to go and carry all the weapons you needed.

I am 11 years old and we think of you all on ANZAC day. Thank you once again for going to war and fighting for us and saving all of our lives.

Your sincerely

Annabel Kerr

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