Friday, 27 March 2015

info-graphic on Horse Of the Year

Horse Of the Year Info-graphic

I made a info-graphic on Horse Of the Year because I did not go to camp last week, because I was competing at Horse Of the Year. I got a 1st 5th and 6th overall in dressage. Did OK in other categories. This info-graphic tells you all about what happened and what there was at Horse Of the Year.Mar 27, 2015 11:34:16 PM.jpg

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mihimihi Annabel

Mihimihi Annabel

We did our Mihimihi for homework in week 3 and had to video it and know it off by heart and that was challenging . 

Tena koutou
Ko Annabel ahau
No York England ahau
Ko the pennines te maunga
Ko Ouse te awa
Ko Havelock north primary school te kura
Kei te mihi                                                   
Tena tatou katoa

In the paddock with my pony

This is my writing from the beginning of the year I did mine about my pony and being with him in the paddock and riding. We did this because we read this article about digging for pipi and got a brainstorm sheet from the teacher and then wrote a piece of writing and this is mine

In the paddock with my pony

As I walk down to my ponies paddock, I start sprinting towards him and put my hands on the wire fence. Jumped the fence. Ninj my pony looked up at me and started walking towards the fence that I was climbing.  

Then he followed me over to the grey corrugated iron shed and then he pushed the gate open with his big muscular chest into the yard then I gave him a raspberry on his sharp whiskery nose and started unlocking the tack shed and then shut the door behind me and he put cute little nose on it and shoved it open then his head suddenly appeared around the corner. He started hunting for food and then when turned around.... I noticed him quietly looking around the tack shed for food, I say to him you little cheeky pony and then Ally came over with Dudley.

As we set off around the orchard, he was getting all excited and then he realised that he was not in the cantering rows just yet and had not even got to the road. We turned down the road and went to see the Gushes then carried on down the road then went through a gap and cantered down the side of the row. started to turn and it ended up being a very tight corner I trotted straight after the corner then we had a trotting race in the cantering rows and ninj kept on stopping to try and eat and he was like a lawn mower but did not quite get to eat the grass.

Although I was getting ready to go, I had to pick up poo out of his yard and soak hay. After that mum came and picked me up, and we were off home.