Wednesday, 5 August 2015

National Young Leaders Day

National Young Leaders Day 

Our Havelock North Primary school Leaders went on a trip to Palmerston north for the day. We all had a great time there and travelling to Palmerston. A special THANK YOU  to the parents and Mr Kinsey and Mrs Cameron for getting up so early and taking us on this awesome experience. We all had a great time listening to the amazing speakers and doing little fun activities. The first speaker was William Pike. Here is his story and the main message he was trying to send out to us, photos may be a little blurd.

William Pike

He went on an adventure climbing a mountain near Mt Raupehu with his mate James and he found a lake and a little shelter area that was like a little house it was -8 degrees Celsius and this Adventure changed his life forever. Then overnight Mt Raupehu erupted and William got blown  up against the wall by rocks coming flying at him. Right when that all happened James woke up. William said 
"go find someone to help and tell my family I love them". James was uninjured ran down the mountain saw a dozier got a lift to the bottom got help right at the moment he thought he it was his last seconds of being alive the Mt Raupehu rescuers came and saved his life forever. James was a hero. they took him immediately to hospital and his leg got amputated. It took him 9 months after amputation to walk properly again. then He went back to climbing mountains.

The main message he was sending to us was All passion no limits, passion creates success, courage, teamwork, resilience. He does not look at what he cannot do he looks at what he can do.

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Thank you for reading and looking at the photos Hope you enjoyed

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