Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Here is my piece of writing about powerless we had to watch this clip below my writing. We also had to include these
  1. Use a very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.
  5. The subject sentence. Start your sentence with the subject. (Interrupter)
I included them all and the things I have highlighted are the same as the things highlighted. hope you enjoy reading.

As I fall into a deep sleep, I am dreaming about my robot and how I am meant to make it go. All through my room I have words like no progress and locomotion failure and non functional. Suddenly hear big loud footsteps heading towards the door. I wake up fast… “What is it?” I think..

Slowly I pull my glasses down to get a better look, so I get up and follow it outside. As I walk towards the torch, I realise it is my robot. My robot. It’s alive, he has yellow eyes is that right, with excitement. I find myself in the forests with the owl howling, birds chirping and crickets going cricket cricket cricket. I see this little red fairy flying above the robot then this yellow fairy pops out - flopping to the ground, his engines stop immediately, flying above me and my broken robot.

Quickly I head back to my old half broken house. Suddenly there was……  a knock at the door. What is it? It was the robot not with yellow eyes but with blue eyes!!! As I pull my glasses down to get a better look, I am sure it was my very own invented robot. Now all my words can change……

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