Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Art conversation 1

Here is my piece of writing about the picture below we had to write about it and include these things underneath

  1. Use a very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.
  5. Use speech punctuation


 As Dan and I are scanning the forest, we finally found our enemies.
“Hey look!” I shouted to Dan.
“What?” Dan yelled back.
Slowly we creep forward towards the ostriches. Dan has a shot. He hits the big one, still holding the rope connected to the spear. While it is slicing the air - like a very sharp blade cracking through concrete.
“Ouch!” I think.

Then I get ready to have a shot but…. no I don’t want to.
“How can I do this to these little baby ostriches?” I think to myself.
“Now the little ones have started to run oh no now what are we going to do?”
“Just leave them here?”
“We have got the big one everyone at home should be pleased they will never know that there were two more here” I exclaimed
“ Yeah true” Dan said
“We will have more next time we come out that is a good idea” I explained
and so they took the big one home!!!

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